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Since the land area for the usage of wind energy is limited, the attractiveness of replacing old wind energy plants with modern, more efficient models has grown. Through the repowering the revenues get raised, the costs decreased and the acceptance improved. The more efficient technical utilization often helps to multiply the performance – despite of reducing the number of wind energy plants in one park.However the first step is to see if your wind park has repowering potential. The calculations can be based on the insights and the requirements of the already existing project. The bigger part of the procedures conforms with the procedure of a new project, check project development.

Further tasks of the planning and execution of repowering projects include finding buyers for the old wind energy plants or being responsible for the proper disposal of any old wind energy plants.

Responsible for our project development and repowering:

Hans-Heinrich Albertsen

Dipl. Ing.
Project planning,
technical management
Tel.: +49 (421) 69 19 82 10

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