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Project development

We have been developing projects in the field of renewable energies with competence and over 25 years of experience. In the future we want to keep creating sustainable concepts which respect all needs of humans and nature on site.

Our service spectrum covers the following sectors:

Consultation of the fundamental requirements:

  • Fundamental examination of the qualification of the site
  • Clarification of the building regulations

Project development:

  • Examination of the infrastructure, the potential of the site and the optimization
  • Analysis: Which type of wind energy plant is suitable

  • Technical basis calculation (preselecting the technical concept)

  • Economic outlook


  • Clarification of the procedure

  • Preparation of the planning and application papers

  • Accompanying the obtaining of all the necessary permissions at the public authorities

  • Involvement and information of the public (owner, communes, citizens)

  • Searching for partners and banks for the funding of the project

Responsible for our project development and repowering:

Hans-Heinrich Albertsen

Dipl. Ing.
Project planning,
technical management
Tel.: +49 421 69 19 82 10

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