The Company Windstream GmbH

The company windstream energy conversion GmbH emerged from a planning office for renewable energy projects. It contains the technical and commercial management of the wind and solar energy projects as well as the commercial supervision of companies from other fields.

The main focus of windstream GmbH lies originally with the use of wind and solar energy. We conduct projects from our own initiative but also through assignments. These may include the complete execution or the execution of partitions.

Our Goal

Our concern is to help shape the necessary change – not only the energy supply – in a corporate way. Equally important for us is to accompany the businesses not only with technical and commercial knowledge but to do so in a sustainable, professional and humane manner.

Our Philosophy

We think green (ecological), renewable, team oriented, effective, forward-looking, resource-preservative and performance-oriented.
We believe that sustainable ecological actions are necessary if the economic, ecologic and humane aspects are respected equally.

Our history

In 1992 we founded windstream because we were convinced of the idea to generate the energy that we need on a daily basis in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

What we believed in counts even more today:
The energy transition
– has to come (because of ecological reasons to stop climate change)
– will come (because the fossil energy sources are limited)
– can come (various of technical possibilities exist presently)

After diverse stations in Bremen we are now located in a modern, energy-saving building in the Bremer harbour quarter “Überseestadt” together with other companies from the green technology field. We use the developing synergetic effects in a sense of sustainable economy with distinctive team structures.